As well as being unaffected by the recent fuel crisis, drivers of electric vehicles have another reason to smile as new research shows that they are also far less likely to be involved in an accident than drivers of traditional petrol or diesel powered cars. 

The new research by business car leasing company Lex Autolease, found that those at the wheel of electric and hybrid vehicles were approximately half as likely to be involved in a collision or accident than drivers of internal combustion engine cars.  

A question of psychology  

The obvious conclusion to draw from this research would be that electric cars are safer than their gas-guzzling counterparts. However, while it’s true that many electric and hybrid vehicles benefit from design improvements that may not be present in older petrol or diesel cars, experts believe that the significantly lower accident rates seen in EVs and hybrids can be attributed to driver behaviour rather than improved safety features.  

The range anxiety effect  

We have previously explored the topic of range anxiety and how this fear of running out of battery power on the roads can be a barrier to people making the switch to greener ways of motoring. However, it seems that the flip side of this problem is that the more cautious behaviour displayed by motorists keen to conserve electricity by habits such as keeping to constant speeds and avoiding sudden braking or acceleration, means they are far less likely to put themselves in the way of harm when out on the roads with reckless driving or speeding. Not only that, drivers of electric cars know that their battery depletes far more quickly on the motorway than when driving on roads with a lower speed limit. Also, as motorway driving tends to involve longer journeys with the possibility of curve balls such as traffic jams or adverse weather, they are likely to take this into account too.  

It has also been suggested that the demographic of EV drivers, with their concern for the planet and their budget to do something about it by investing in an electric or hybrid car, may by their nature, be more inclined to be careful and considerate drivers.  

A safer future?  

As well as contributing to a greener and cleaner environment, if this behavioural trend continues, it should result in far fewer injuries and fatalities on our roads. This is great news as carmakers and the government work towards the target of abolishing new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, when the number of EVs on the roads is forecast to increase to 14 million.  

The role of NVH  

As the driver experience evolves as people increasingly switch to driving quieter electric vehicles, creating a calm and stress-free environment to drive in is becoming more important than ever. This is true from an aesthetic point of view to enhance the driver experience and also from a safety angle, as with no masking effect of engine noise, drivers of EVs have a heightened awareness of the environmental sounds around them.  

With these new and exciting challenges in mind, here at Interflex we continue to come up with innovative new NVH solutions for our greener, quieter and safer motoring future.  

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