The development of innovative sustainable materials is a key part of creating a greener manufacturing industry. This is why we have focused so heavily on research and development at Interflex, creating and sourcing new materials suitable for use in a range of industries and applications.

Our aim is to offer new NVH solutions, addressing issues around lightweight thermal and acoustic insulation. And whilst we have a proven track record in the automotive industry, our innovative materials are also suitable for use in the railway, construction, marine and leisure vehicle sectors. In fact, within any manufacturing process where comfort, weight and sustainability are priorities.

An alternative use for the plastic bottle

We are delighted by the success of our product Ocean, used in a multitude of applications offering innovative solutions with renewable principles at its core. Ocean is made from polyester,  80% of which is comprised of recycled fibres and materials, including recycled plastics. In fact, 1kg of Ocean is equivalent to 80 recycled plastic bottles. As so many vehicle parts are made from plastic, it’s important to find sustainable material solutions to using PET plastic to reduce the amount going to landfill. Ocean is also recyclable at the end of its lifespan.

In vehicle manufacture, Ocean can be used in a variety of exterior and interior locations, including the outer bulkhead, interior trim, acoustic pads, boot trim and door seals. Manufacturers may choose to use Ocean for some, or all of their vehicle parts. To kit out an entire vehicle would require approximately 4kg of Ocean – which would be the equivalent to 320 recycled plastic bottles.

Research = high performance

Recycled plastic bottles have a variety of manufacturing applications and can be used to make clothes, shoes, carpets and furniture as well vehicle parts. At Interflex we have always been committed to research, development and testing to ensure that we offer the most effective green solutions available, leading to the creation of Ocean. This enables us to ensure that we are reducing wastage in the supply chain, as well as offering a high performance product to meet customer demand.

Ocean is available in a range of permutations, with weights starting at 200gsm and a thickness of 15mm. Available in water and oil resistant versions, it is mouldable, heat sealable and can be edge sealed as required, offering a lightweight and flexible solution to any product where a thermal or acoustic barrier is required.

Other applications where Ocean is a great solution include:


  • Reducing NVH in railway carriages
  • Enhancing sound absorption in electric and diesel power units
  • Ensuring a smoother, quieter train ride

Leisure vehicles:

  • Used for sound and thermal insulation between inner and outer walls
  • Enhancing protection from external noise
  • Saving on heating costs


  • An enhanced thermal barrier within interior walls and engine bays
  • Lightweight material to enhance performance

Can Interflex help improve NVH in your manufacturing process?

With such a wide variety of uses and great environmental credentials, Ocean could be the ideal acoustic or thermal absorbent solution for your next product. Call us on 01494 861 494 or email us at to find out more.