As part of the drive to supply sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) to workers across different industries, Interflex has set up production of a range of PPE suitable for use by health and social care workers, as well as other frontline personnel.


The range of Interflex PPE currently includes recyclable face shields suitable for healthcare staff as well as disposable3 ply face masks, ear protectors and face visors. All equipment is suitable for frontline staff, including:


  • Shop workers
  • Office workers
  • People working in the entertainment or hospitality industries
  • Members of the public

All equipment conforms to British safety standards and many products are available immediately.


Sustainability in mind – the recyclable face shield

The recyclable face shield has been developed specifically with sustainability and safety in mind as an alternative to disposable face masks.

Recent media reports have raised concerns around an increase in littering as PPE is irresponsibly discarded. Both environmental and public health organisations are concerned by this rise in litter as it poses a significant health risk as well as being anti-social and unsightly.


Very little PPE is biodegradable. However, the Interflex recyclable face shield is made from 100% recyclable and compostable cardboard and FSE certified wood products. The PET visor can be peeled away enabling recycling of the separate parts.


“As the economy opens up with shops, services and businesses welcoming customers back, the need for staff to protect both themselves and the general public is paramount,” comments Jim Griffin, MD at Interflex, “Demand for PPE looks likely to continue to rise and it seems counterproductive to source products from abroad when we have such great manufacturing facilities here in the UK. We would urge health trusts and businesses to buy British and support the UK manufacturing industry.”

The transition to manufacturing PPE alongside the NVH parts that Interflex is more well known for producing was relatively straightforward as much of the equipment can also be used in PPE manufacture. Staff skills were also easily transferable, enabling Interflex to bring back many of its furloughed staff.


Order today for quick, easy delivery

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