Interflex is now a member of Made in the Midlands, a prominent private manufacturing network that was originally launched in 2009 in an effort to protect the interests of the UK manufacturing industry in the face of challenges caused by government decision making. You can visit the Interflex microsite here.

What is Made in the Midlands?

Made in the Midlands began life as an editorial campaign in the business publication, Business Report. The campaign centred on a pledge signed by manufacturers to commit to opening new channels of communications with local firms, employ apprentices and export to new markets. Very quickly, the campaign became so large that by 2012, the word ‘campaign’ was dropped from its title as it evolved into the leading 600-member organisation it is today.

What does Made in the Midlands do?

The organisation works hard to protect the interests of the manufacturing sector in a rapidly changing landscape. Issues like global competition and Brexit have long had implications for British manufacturing, but in the wake of the global pandemic, the sector is now facing unchartered issues as government financial assistance is wound down and the challenges of the recovery process begin to be faced.

The benefits of membership

As a member of Made in the Midlands, Interflex joins 600 businesses ranging from Midlands and Yorkshire-based SMEs and OEMs to household names such as Portakabin, Siemens and Jaguar Landrover UK.

“As an innovative Midlands-based manufacturer, it was a no brainer for us to become part of this dynamic and exciting network of likeminded businesses in our region,” says Interflex’s managing director Jim Griffin. “We are looking forward to getting involved in this community and taking advantage of the many benefits that membership will bring.”


In the news

Since becoming a member, Interflex has already been the subject of two stories in Made in the Midland’s news section. Jim Griffin’s return to the automotive industry as the managing director of Interflex has been covered and the website has also highlighted Interflex’s timely diversification into PPE manufacturing.

Innovating to meet demand

Interflex manufacture innovative acoustic, NVH and sealing solutions for the car manufacturing industry. In response to the PPE shortage, the company has successfully dedicated part of its factory to the manufacture of PPE equipment including face shields, disposable masks, ear protectors and face visors.

To find out more,  please contact us on or 01949  861494.