As anyone involved in the motor industry knows all too well, resilience in times of economic uncertainty is key to survival and success. However, although the automotive industry has been among the worst hit sectors in the aftermath of the pandemic, it is almost impossible to find a business of any type which has not been impacted in some way.

As a result, Interflex’s MD Jim Griffin has taken the opportunity to share lessons learned during his long career in the motor industry to help other businesses as they face the challenge of staying afloat as they emerge into a challenging and uncertain economic future.


Proactive steps to ensure survival


In an article titled Ensuring Business Survival During Covid-19 on,  Jim offers practical advice for fellow professionals, starting off by revealing the business ethos that has stood him in good stead over a challenge-filled career in the automotive industry. “I’ve always believed that in business, apparent disasters can also provide opportunities if you look closely enough,” he says. “True, it’s hard to see many positives within the current situation, and everyone is quite rightly, braced for a difficult recovery. However, those who hold their nerve, plan for the future and demonstrate flexibility are likely to emerge from lockdown more quickly – and more successfully.”


Spreading the message


In this article in, Jim explores the lessons he learnt about successfully navigating a business through the challenges of the last recession which had a devasting impact on the motor industry. As well as protecting cash flow and coming up with an effective survival strategy, he extolls the importance of calm and steady leadership at a time when a natural human reaction is to panic, saying, “Whatever your title, if you are the leader of a team or company, you set the tone. Exude panic or despair, and your staff will pick up on those emotions and they will filter down throughout your organisation. So, it’s crucial to remain calm and make rational and practical decisions.”


Leading by example


Under Jim’s leadership, Interflex instigated a proactive response to the temporary shutdown of the automotive industry and corresponding shortages in PPE, by diversifying into much-needed PPE production.

Although the manufacturing processes and equipment used to manufacture NVH for the automotive industry is similar to what is required to produce PPE, the diversification into PPE still presented major challenges. These issues were highlighted by Jim Griffin when he appeared on the BBC News at Six on BBC1 in April. On the programme, Jim described the obstacles that Interflex and other manufacturers like them were facing as they struggled to navigate the red tape that was initially preventing them from their goal of getting staff off furlough to meet the urgent demand for PPE.

In a great example of Jim’s can do business ethos, despite the initial frustrations and obstacles, Interflex’s adoption of PPE has been a great success, ultimately leading to the creation of new company, Pinnacle PPE.


Innovative NVH for the motor industry


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