The team at Interflex originally developed our innovative new material Ocean as a cost-effective, high-performance and sustainable solution for the automotive industry, where it has already been approved for use at a major OEM.

However, although we are best known for our long history of designing and manufacturing NVH products for the automotive industry, it quickly became apparent that this innovative, lightweight material is suitable for a range of diverse transport industries where noise levels are an issue for workers and passengers and where high-quality sound and thermal insulation are required.  This includes the following:


Ocean can be used to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) in railway carriages and to enhance sound absorption in electric and diesel power units, contributing to a smoother and quieter experience on the railways.

Leisure vehicles

The material can also be used for sound and thermal insulation between the inner and outer walls of leisure vehicles such as caravans and mobile homes, enhancing protection from external noise for caravan owners and helping them save on heating costs.


Ocean can provide an enhanced thermal barrier within interior walls and engine bays in boats and other seafaring vessels, where lightweight materials play a key part in overall performance.

A sustainable and flexible solution

Ocean is lightweight, mouldable and made from 100% polyester, 80% of which is comprised of recycled materials (1kg being equivalent to 80 recycled plastic water bottles). It can also be recycled at the end of its life, making it a sustainable solution for the manufacturers who choose to use it.

“We are excited to be launching this innovative new product for the rail, leisure and maritime industries which has already attracted significant interest from large manufacturers,” comments Jim Griffin, MD of Interflex. “Not only is Ocean a high-performance acoustic absorbent material, its lightweight properties also make it ideal for manufacturers looking to reduce weight.”

At Interflex our focus is very much on sustainable innovation and this product is a great cost-effective solution for manufacturers in diverse industries who are looking to improve their carbon footprint and other sustainability credentials.”

Find out how Interflex can improve NVH in your manufacturing process

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