Interflex Ltd’s managing director Jim Griffin has spent over 30 years working in the automotive insulation industry. During that time, Jim has seen the automotive industry and the general economy go through some significant ups and downs which has helped prepare him for the current crisis. Those experiences included leading his previous company through the 2008 recession to emerge stronger than ever, massively improving turnover and leading a successful flotation on the stock market.

So, when Covid-19 hit, Jim kept his head and started planning how best to manage the company through the crisis, drawing on his previous experience. He kept marketing, networking and communicating to keep sales channels open. He also looked for opportunities to diversify, finding it in the production of much-needed PPE.

With a well-established production facility and staff skilled in material manufacturing, Interflex was already well set up to produce high performance PPE locally and at an economical price.

Here, in this article published on Love Business East Midlands, Jim offers his advice on the basic principles that can help ensure businesses survive the current crisis and the recession that looks certain to follow. He discusses learning from the past; the importance of cash flow; engaging staff during difficult times; communicating with customers and the importance of identifying new markets.

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