When we developed our innovative new material Ocean, we knew it would be perfect for manufacturing lightweight NVH solutions for the automotive industry. Indeed, it is already being used by a major OEM in the motor manufacturing sector. However, it was also clear that this sustainable, mouldable and lightweight material would be suitable for use in a wide range of industries where manufacturers are seeking to reduce weight while finding sustainable solutions to improve sound absorption and reduce noise, vibration and harshness.

The railway industry

The adaptable properties of Ocean make it highly effective when used in trains and on railway systems. By reducing NVH in railway carriages, Ocean helps create a quieter and more comfortable experience for passengers. Not only that, it’s highly effective when used to enhance sound absorption in noisy electric and diesel power units on trains.

The green credentials for Ocean also make it a great partner for the railway industry as train travel is the most eco-friendly mode of public transport available to the public. Made from 100% polyester, of which 80% is recycled materials (1kg being equivalent to 1000 recycled plastic bottles), Ocean can also be recycled at the end of its lifecycle.

Boat building

Ocean also has a great deal of potential in the maritime manufacturing industry. Using a lightweight material such as Ocean will help contribute to the reduction of a vessel’s overall weight, which is a crucial factor in improving speed and performance.

Ocean can be used for a wide range of interior and exterior applications in boats and other water-based vessels where noise levels can be an issue. Extremes of temperature can also be an issue on boats and Ocean offers a practical and effective solution where thermal insulation is required.

Everyone involved in the maritime industry is acutely aware of the need to protect the precious resource of our seas and rivers and Ocean provides a great opportunity to improve performance in a sustainable way that reduces our carbon footprint.

Leisure vehicles

Caravan holidays remain a perennially popular holiday choice in the UK, but whether we’re renting a mobile home for a long weekend or investing in our own caravan to tour the country, the standards of comfort we expect from our home away from home have increased over the decades.

Caravan parks can be both noisy and chilly, which again is where Ocean comes in. The material can be used to enhance sound and thermal insulation between the inner and outer walls of a leisure vehicle, making for a more peaceful night’s sleep and improving energy efficiency, which further enhances the sustainability benefits.

Green, clean innovation

Commenting on the diversification into other markets Interflex MD Jim Griffin says, “Ocean is already producing great results in the automotive industry, so it’s exciting to unleash its potential even further by introducing it to these new markets where it can succeed equally well.”

To find out more about how Ocean can help reduce noise and improve insulation in your manufacturing processes, please call us on 01949 861 494 or email sales@interflex2000.com.