Interflex manufacturing

Automotive acoustic and insulation solutions

Manufacturing the right product for your automotive acoustic or insulation need requires a commitment to technology.

At Interflex, we are committed to ongoing investment in our people and facilities to ensure that we are able to meet your most demanding automotive acoustic and insulation requirements.

Equipment on site includes:

  • Die cutting facilities
  • Melt coating facilities
  • Water based adhesive coating facilities
  • Kiss cutting equipment
  • 3 and 5 ply face mask manufacturing equipment

How can we help you?

If you are looking for assistance with designing, developing and manufacturing automotive trim products, sealing products and acoustic solutions for both interior and exterior applications, Interflex can provide an end-to-end service.

From door seals to under carpet and boot seals; to coating and cutting materials for arm rests.

You can mix and match our range of in-house services which include:

  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Project management
  • Product development
Interflex manufacturing
manufacturing layout

Helping you maximise efficiency

We work best when collaborating with designers to develop effective automotive parts for tomorrow’s road vehicles, helping you to cut costs in production and increase quality and durability.

With our extensive knowledge of sealing and trim we can explain the material and manufacturing options available to you to create the optimum results in terms of efficiency, sound absorption, insulation, style, function and comfort.

We advise you on the best materials and design layouts to maximise results – and ultimately your profits, helping you by:

  • Maximise cutting layouts
  • Reducing waste materials
  • Selecting the best materials
  • Planning efficient manufacturing
  • Increasing durability

To arrange a no-obligation consultation to discuss your manufacturing requirements call us today on 01949 861 494 or email