New from Interflex is Ocean, a high-performance and lightweight acoustic absorber

1kg of Ocean is equivalent to 80 recycled bottles.

This innovative material is made from 80% recycled fibres and is recyclable at the end of a vehicle’s lifecycle.

Uses of Ocean

  • Interior vehicle NVH including pillar trim acoustic pads, boot trim acoustic pads and cockpit acoustic pads
  • Exterior vehicle NVH including wheel arch and outer bulkhead NVH
  • Acoustic absorption and thermal barriers in roadway, railway, construction, leisure vehicles and maritime industry

Benefits of using Ocean

  • Can be used for wide variety of interior and exterior NVH
  • Can be sonic welded to most plastic substates, eliminating the need for adhesive backings
  • Can be edge sealed as required
  • Available in water and oil resistant versions
  • Heat sealable
  • Lightweight and flexible formulation
  • Scrims can be added for extra performance
  • Competitive on cost, weight and performance
  • An eco-friendly alternative to traditional NVH material
  • Suitable for use in rail, roadway, maritime and construction in addition to vehicle manufacture
  • Ideal for manufacturers looking to reduce weight in the production process
  • Lightweight and mouldable material helps reduce shape complexity, cutting tooling costs and enabling better utilisation of materials
  • Material conforms to automotive standards for flammability and VOCs
  • UK-produced components reduce carbon footprint

A sustainable alternative

Ocean is made of 100% polyester with 80% of this polyester comprised of recycled materials.

By using recycled plastics this material helps reduce the impact of waste plastics on the environment. Not only that, the fact that Ocean is made from just one material type means it is easier to recycle at the end of its product life.

Tailored to you

Ocean is offered at specific weights starting at 200gsm and 15mm thick. It can also be tailored to provide the exact performance required by adjusting the weight, thickness and scrims used for the final product up to weights in excess of 1000gsm and 40mm thickness.