CAD Computing

A collaborative approach to achieve great results

Good design is at the heart of effective automotive insulation which is why we have extensive design knowledge on our team.

This enables us to advise you on the right materials to use in the most efficient way to create great NVH solutions for your customers.

We recognise that automotive OEM design teams are the experts in their field. By collaborating with our CAD team and utilising their knowledge of insulation materials, we work OEMs to design and produce interior trim and sealing solutions in the most cost-efficient manner.

With decades of combined experience behind them, the Interflex design team know a thing or two about maximising the manufacturing process of interior trim and sealing. So, be sure to contact our CAD team at the beginning of the design process to find out how we can work together to minimise NVH challenges and maximise vehicle efficiency. The range of technical services we offer includes:

  • Computer aided design
  • Product development
  • Project management
  • Planning for manufacture

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